BDO CAPITAL LOAN – List of Offers Under BDO Working Capital Loan


Full List of BDO Capital Loan Offers You May Apply For Your Business

BDO CAPITAL LOAN – Here is a full list of the loan offers of BDO Unibank under the working capital category.

A lot of banks in the Philippines offer loan assistance to the public. One of those banks with several offers is the BDO Unibank or Banco de Oro.

Under this giant private bank, you may apply for BDO Personal Loan, BDO Home Loan, or BDO Car Loan. Also, it has loan offers for those who are into business.

The best thing about BDO Unibank when it comes to business loan offers is that it come in specific types. If you are seeking after a working capital loan, it has a wide range of options for you.

BDO Capital Loan

There are several BDO Capital Loan offers and you may apply for an offer that exactly suits your need.

Based on the official website of BDO Unibank, here is a full list of the BDO capital loan offers that you can choose from and a short description of each of them:

  • Short Term Loan – This is best for one-time necessity for a loan. It can be paid in less than one(1) year.
  • Credit Line – If you have a recurring need for loan assistance, this is for you. Your credit line will be open for a year.
  • Export Finance – According to the bank, this loan is “designed for exporters for pre- and post- shipment financing requirements”.
  • Post-Dated Check Discounting – Under this loan offer, you may submit the PDCs of your clients and the bank will grant you a loan equivalent to your PDCs’ value.
  • Inventory Financing with Trust Receipt (IFTR) – This loan offer is for the payment to suppliers. The applicant may submit the Delivery Receipt and the bank will pay for them as your loan.\
  • Letters of Credit with Trust Receipt (LCTR) – This business loan offer is for domestic and international trade transactions. BDO assures that it can reach your suppliers whether they are domestically or internationally-based.

Are you interested to apply for any of the loan offer stated above? You may visit the official website of BDO Unibank –

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