Baron Geisler Speaks Up On Controversial Video


Baron Geisler explains thee controversial viral video.

Multi-awarded actor Baron Geisler breaks his silence on the controversial video that has gone viral on the social media sites.

In the video posted by a Khalil Versoza on Facebook, Baron Geisler was seen cursing and swearing at a Viacom-Fine Arts UP student. The actor allegedly got angry over the delayed script.

baron geisler

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Versoza admitted that script was delayed, but explained that it was due to their tight schedule on school.

In an interview with PUSH, Baron Geisler explained the incident, saying that he was very tired when he arrived on the video and found out that the script is not yet prepared.

“Pagod na pagod ako that time Mama Leo. Don sa ginagawa kong movie, 9 a.m. ang call time ko tapos napack-up ako ng 3 a.m. From Laguna, dumiretso ako sa kanila kahit halos 2 hours lang ang tulog ko kasi gusto ko silang tulungan sa thesis nila,” he said.

The 33-year-old actor added that he asked the script five days before the shooting.

“limang araw ko ng hiningi ang script dahil kung passionate talaga sila sa ginagawa nila dapat 2 days before ibinigay na nila sakin,” he said.

Geisler was also wondering why they took a video of him and immediaetly posted it on Facebook. He also thought that the students might using the clip for their social experiment.

He also denied that he was under the influence of liquor when the video was taken, adding that he was hurt when the people easily judged him.

Meanwhile, Inquirer reported that Geisler planned to consult his lawyer for legal action against the student who uploaded the viral video.


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