Hollywood Superman Dies at 52


Christopher Dennis, also known as “Hollywood Superman”, has died at the age of 52. His cause of death is unknown as of this writing.

Hollywood Superman
“Hollywood Superman” Christopher Dennis died at the age of 52 | Photo from Austin Gorum/WireImage

Christopher Dennis was the most recognizable character among all the characters present in Hollywood Boulevard to entertain tourists from around the country. For decades, he was dressed as Superman, a character that suit his tall, thin frame and full jet-black hair, and went to Hollywood Boulevard.

According to TMZ, Dennis was found dead in the San Fernando Valley last Saturday, November 2.

This Hollywood Superman was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a number of times. He even starred in the 2017 “Confessions of a Superhero” documentary.

Chris was a sweet guy who appeared on our show many times and was well-liked by everyone at Jimmy Kimmel Live,” according to the spokesperson of Kimmel in a statement Wednesday. “We will miss him.

Dennis claimed that he was among the first of the now many street performers who line the Hollywood Boulevard during his interview with The Guardian in 2017. “I’m the first character that did this out there on Hollywood,” he said.

I came up with an idea while I was waiting tables. These people that I’m waiting on keep saying how much I look like Christopher Reeve or Superman. So I jimmy-rigged an outfit. They loved it.” Dennis added.

Dennis was then thankful for the character he portrayed. “When I put on this suit, I am Superman. I think it has made me a better person,” Dennis concluded.

We’ve known Chris for many years. He spent time with our family and showed lots of support for our museum and the Superman Celebration. Chris has had many struggles and ups and downs over the years,” as posted by the Super Museum’s social media account in a statement on Dennis’ passing. “We hope that he is at peace now. And we pray for comfort to those who loved and cared about him.

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