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Friday, October 2, 2020

Face Shield Scam In Manila: Police District Floods With Complainants

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MPD Floods With Complainants Regarding A Face Shield Scam In Manila

FACE SHIELD SCAM – The Manila Police Police District got crowded Wednesday night as several residents filed a complaint regarding a face shield scam.

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Recently, the demand for face shields sky rocketed as authorities made its use mandatory. As such, several online sellers jumped on the supply and demand train to capitalize off the new protocol.

Face Shield Scam In Manila: Police District Floods With Complainants
Image from: Philstar

Unfortunately, two women from Pangasinan said they were scammed for around P1.8 million worth of face shields. According to a report from PhilStar, the women planned to sell the face shields to their province.

However, the suspects failed to present any face sheilds. Furthermore, they kept delaying their deal. Meanwhile, investigations on the suspect led the police to their hotel room.

As per the report, police then found a money counting machine inside the room and thousands of pesos from a man who was allegedly posing as a complainant.

Currently, online sellers have been placed under a debacle as the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) as well as the Department of Health (DOH) set a suggested retail price for the face shields ranging from P26-P50 per piece.

Meanwhile, some sellers have been reported selling their face shields at around 60-85 pesos. But, with DTI’s new mandate, overpricing face shields would be subject to penalties and fines.

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