Bunny Paras’ Struggles In Life And How She Surpassed The Storms


Former actress Bunny Paras has been through a lot in her life but she was able to surpass them all and currently living this kind of life.

Bunny Paras or who was born as Saira Bunny Velasco Prihibas-Shahani was one of the Filipino stars who became popular during the 90s.

She starred in various movies such as Lucio Margallo in 1992, Leonardo Delos Reyes: Alyas Waway in 1993 and Silya Elektrika in 1994.

Bunny Paras

The former teen star had a romantic relationship with celebrity DJ, Mo Twister and they had a daughter named Moira. However their relationship did not work out.

Bunny then decided to settle in US and it was not easy for her to do that. In an article in Philstar.com she admitted in 2004 that she also missed her acting stints in the Philippines.

That time she was just living with her daughter without a household help and at the same time doing an office job. That taught her to be tough, according to the article.

In 2009, Bunny Paras found a new love in the person of Tom Greenway and they got married that year, based on the article published in smartparenting.com.

And so Moira was adopted by Tom and carried out his last name which was not an issue to the child’s biological father, Mo Twister, based on the article.

That time, everything was seemed so perfect but the former actress did not expect that there was a big obstacle coming along her way.

Her daughter was diagnosed with a very rare disease in 2014. It was a rare neuro muscular disorder called Friedreich’s Ataxia, based on the article published in kickerdaily.com.

The said disorder damaged Moira’s nervous system as well as her mobility.

Bunny Paras and daughter Moira

Because the child’s medication was so expensive, Mo Twister conducted a fund-raising to support her daughter, based on the article.

Bunny Paras’ struggle for the health of her daughter became a lighter burden because celebrities in Philippine showbiz helped her and showed their support for Moira.

Indeed, she was able to surpassed the storms through the love and support of people around her.

Based on the Instagram account of the former actress, she shared that her daughter has her own blogging site.

She now describes herself as Was an actress for 15 years in the Philippines, simple mom of four awesome kids, loves to travel”.

Bunny also wrote in her profile, “Family is love”.

Currently, she is living a private life in the US with her family.


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