Jeric Raval: A Look Back In The Life Of A Former Action Movie Star


Here is a look back in the life of actor Jeric Raval who is known as one of the icons of the Philippine action movies during the 90s.

Jeric Raval is one of the most popular action movie stars during the 90s until the early 2000s.

He starred in numerous action-packed films such as ‘Bunso: Isinilang Kang Palaban’ in 1995, ‘Melencio Magat: Dugo Laban Dugo’ in 1997 and ‘Manila’s Finest’ in 2015.

The former action movie icon was also included in the Kapamilya primetime drama/action series ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and he also appeared in the family drama ‘The Good Son’.

Jeric Raval

Since he started and was first known in doing action films, it was quite difficult for him to switch to other genres.

It was stated in the article published in Inquirer that the transition from action films to other genres was not easy for the former action star, hence the break he had in the industry was limited.

Nevertheless, it created way for him to get busy with other things like having a business and he previously worked in the office of former Senator Lito Lapid as well.

He also does some modeling stints for EFS Apparel, a clothing line which aims to promote modest fashion.

(EFS Apparel FB Page)

After several years in showbiz, it is still evident in the physical appearance of Jeric Raval that he was able to maintain his fit body and young-looking face.

He was asked what his secret was and his answer was just simple.

“Wala lang akong bisyo. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. Saka hindi rin ako mahilig magpuya,” the actor revealed, based on the article.

His name went positively controversial when the news about him spread that he exhibited a gentleman’s act while he was in Japan.

He gave his sit to a Japanese woman who was standing in front of him while he was in a train ride, based on the article published in PEP.


Yes, indeed, he was able to live up to his protagonist roles in movies and it exudes in his way of living.

It was also due to the doctrines he learned from the religious group that he is being affiliated now.

Jeric Raval was baptized in the Members Church of God International, a group that the doctrines are all Bible-based.


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