Gretchen Barretto Chose To Spend Valentine’s Day Through Simple Home Celebration


Gretchen Barretto chose to spend Valentine’s Day at home with friends and family instead of going out to a luxurious venue

Gretchen Barretto often shares the glamorous events she attends to, her expensive travels around the country and in other parts of the globe, the fine dining she has with friends and family in 5-star restaurants, but she chose to spend the recent Valentine’s Day just in her home.

Yes, La Greta was just at home in February 14 with friends and family to celebrate the hearts’ day.

Based on the article recently published in, the actress shared on her Instagram account the preparation she had for the party which she organized in their mansion.

Gretchen Barretto

She showcased all the expensive wines and liquor she has stored in her refrigerator.

The veteran actress said in the video that she and her friends decided to celebrate at home instead of anywhere else.

They took their time to have bonding moments beside the pool in the luxurious mansion of La Greta.

Once again, Gretchen showcased her kitchen while some of her friends are preparing their food.

The actress usually features her kitchen and other parts of her home to her Instagram followers.

Though La Greta chose to spend the hearts day at her home with some of her closest friends, still it is evident that the celebration exudes luxury.

From the food they prepared to the refrigerator she showed which contained nothing else but expensive wine and liquors, it was indeed still luxurious.

Gretchen Barretto has been with her partner business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco for 20 years now. They have a daughter named Dominique who is a grown up beautiful lady now.

However, the couple cannot get married because Tonyboy is still legally married to his former partner, based on the article.




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