Mahal Goes Controversial As Netizens Spotted Her With A New Man


Netizens started to speculate that Mahal has a new love life as her photos with a man were spotted on social media.

Comedienne Mahal once again caught the attention of netizens as she was recently spotted with a new man.

Before, the small but adorable komedyante has been open to the public about her past relationships.

Her failed relationship with husband Jobbie Hebrio was much publicized before but after that no one knows the update on her love life, based on the article published in


Now that some photos revealed that she seemed so close with a hunky guy, rumors started to arise.

Yes, people perceived that she has found a new love based on the photos posted on social media.

The said photos were uploaded on the social media account of Sam Jacinto, the man in the photos with Mahal.

It was stated that the said guy had been posting the photos since November last year and that was the point when Sam has become the talk of the town of some curious netizens.

Indeed, the photos spoke for themselves. There was certain closeness between Mahal and Sam to pose for photos like that.

There was even a short video posted which showed that the rumored couple was having some wacky poses.

Due to what the netizens saw on their photos and videos, speculations that there is something intimate going on between Mahal and the hunky guy surfaced.

Some netizens even expressed their thoughts about it, based on the article.

There were those who asked for confirmation if they are really an item while there are those who gave the benefit of the doubt.

Some expressed Mahal is fortunate that she found love unlike other people who are still searching. This is just a proof that they already assumed that the guy in the photo was indeed the comedienne’s lover.



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