Ruffa Gutierrez’s Answer To The Insult She Received From Annabelle Rama


Ruffa Gutierrez has a nice answer to the insult which she received from her mother Annabelle Rama and it really helped her.

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez revealed that her mother Annabelle Rama said insulting words to her.

The said insulting statement she received from one of the most frank persons in show business was about her figure.

Ruffa Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama

It can be noticed on the previous photos of the former beauty queen that she gained extra weight and that was the time her mother said straightforward statement to her.

“‘Naku ‘day, mukha ka nang matrona, magpapayat ka!'” Annabelle said to her eldest daughter, based on the article recently published in

Following the hard but true words from the prominent showbiz personality, Ruffa Gutierrez realized that she must do something about the extra pounds in her body.

That was the time when she decided to do exercise and sweats off the unwanted fats.

She did a great job in losing 20 pounds and it was very evident during the launch of Rustan’s Active Wear early this month.


“I lost 22 pounds. Malaking achievement na rin yun para sa akin,” the actress/TV host happily revealed.

The physique that she has now was the result of her hard work in doing difficult workout routines.

Ruffa also revealed that her commitment to have a fitter body is the top driving factor for her to lose weight, aside from her workout regimen.

The former beauty queen considered the harsh but full of reality words from her mother as a triggering factor of her journey to a fitter physique.

Aside from Annabelle Rama, the actress also received straightforward words from her friend Cristalle Belo regarding her weight.

“Ruf, you’re getting obese!” Ruffa shared what Cristalle said to her.

At first, those words from her mother and close friend were a bit harsh for the actress but later she realized that they are saying the truth and through that she was pushed to workout, based on the article.

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