Remember Lyca Gairanod? Here Is Her Life After ‘The Voice Kids’


This is the life now of Lyca Gairanod after she won as the grand champion in the ‘The Voice Kids Philippines’ Season 1.

‘The Voice Kids Philippines’ Season 1 grand champion Lyca Gairanod made a great impact to the show’s audience because of her humble beginnings.

She sang the famous song of the Pinoy pop rock band Aegis ‘Halik’ and it made couch Sarah Geronimo push the buzzer for her.

Lyca Gairanod

She was just a child before who sings the song requests of her neighbor in exchange of money and food.

Lyca also helped her mother in scavenging used bottles and newspaper to earn for a living.

Fortunately, the former scavenger found an opportunity to sing on TV through the singing competition show of the Kapamilya network.

Through her talent and determination to succeed in life, Lyca Gairanod was hailed as the first ever ‘The Voice Kids’ champion in the country.

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According to the article recently published in, the young singer continues to do her passion in singing.

It was said that she is still performing in different stages in the country as well as in abroad.

Before she just sings in exchange of little amount of money, now her talent fee was able to provide a better life for herself and her family.

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People do not just recognize her talent in singing but there are also those who expressed how they admire her for becoming a lovely lady.

She always gives updates on her Instagram account and obviously the kid is now a lady who knows how to carry herself in front of the public.

Here are some of the comments from netizens based on the article.

“Ganda na ni Lyca”

“dalaga kana at ang ganda”

“Gabda mo talaga lyca idol na idol talaga kita”

“Super gnda, super cute at super talented mo”

“Wow! Ganda tlg ninLyca! Pedeng pedeng model at artista c Lyca!”



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