Ellen Adarna’s Recent Photo Shows Her “New Found Career” Outside Showbiz


A recent photo of Ellen Adarna was shared on Instagram and it showed her “new found career” outside the show business.

Controversial couple Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz broke the norm of celebrity couples as the two did not share openly to the public what was really going on with their relationship.

People just had the idea about things surrounding them because of what they posted on social media.

Now that the account of the sexy actress has already been deactivated, the public has lesser information about them.

Ellen Adarna
(Casting Data)

On the other hand, a close friend of Ellen named Doreen Ting, shared on her Instagram story the latest update about the controversial actress.

The photo of the girlfriend of JLC was captioned with ‘New Found Career’ and it showed Ellen was doing the laundry by hands.

(screen shot from Doreen Ting IG Story)

There were also the words “Laba 101”. Ellen was even accessorized by a crown sticker in the photo.

The same photo was shared in the Instagram Fan Page of the controversial couple.

Instagram Fan Page @jlc_ellen which features the photos and videos of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz is solely dedicated for the couple.


Most of the comments from netizen were written in Cebuano the dialect of the actress but it was positively referring to her.

One netizen even said that she is not just beautiful but she also knows how to wash clothes while there is one who finds her photo doing laundry so cute.

Behind all the speculations, rumors, allegations about the controversial couple, they remained silent about all of these.

Previously, there were reports that they already got married and that Ellen Adarna is already pregnant with her first baby with John Lloyd Cruz.

However, until now, there is no confirmation from the camp of the controversial couple.


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