Robin Padilla Shares Opinion About USS Theodore Roosevelt’s Presence In Manila Bay


Robin Padilla expressed what he thinks would happen because of the presence of USS Theodore Roosevelt in Manila Bay now.

Bad boy of the Philippine cinema Robin Padilla expressed his thought on Instagram about the presence of USS Theodore Roosevelt in Manila Bay now.

He showed once again his love for the motherland as he speaks regarding what could be the implication of this US Navy aircraft carrier used mainly to carry war aircraft.

Robin Padilla

Robin shared several photos of showing the US Roosevelt with his caption which says that the Philippines will definitely trapped in the midst of conflict between United States of America and China.

“Sa mga larawan na ito, siguradong madadamay ang inangbayan at ang mga Pilipino sa iringan at away ng Amang Amerikano at Ninunong China sa South China Sea/West Philippine Sea,” the Pilipinas Got Talent judge said.

His statement came from his observation of the situation in Middle East.

“Nangangamoy kasi ang digmaan sa Middle East kayat nakaporma na rin ang pagsiklab dito! Mabilis na lalaganap ito kapag nakapagpanindigan ang amg SuperPower,” he added.

USS Theodore Roosevelt in Manila Bay
(screen shot from @robinhoodpadilla IG)

The action movie star also cited a statement from US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim regarding the issue between US and China over the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea.

“I think there are times when we should speak loudly and clearly. And the presence of the Theodore Roosevelt here in Manila Bay sends a very clear message to everyone in the region, especially to our friends in the Philippines. Because our commitment to the US-Philippines alliance is unbreakable and will remain so indefinitely. ” – US Ambassador Sung Kim.

Based on the article published in GMA News, the presence of USS Theodore Roosevelt in Manila Bay after the intelligence report that “Chinese had placed communication jamming devices on some of the artificial islands they had built in the South China Sea.”


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