Robin Padilla’s Photos In Philippine Rise Received Criticisms


The photos that Robin Padilla shared on his Instagram account about government program in Philippine Rise received criticisms from netizens.

Actor Robin Padilla, a known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, recently shared on his Instagram account that he is in Philippine Rise together with several government officials.

Robin Padilla
(Photo source:

It was for the commemoration of the area withing the territory of the country.

The actor captioned his post with, “Philippine Rise is Food security.. relax muna tayo sa territory dispute tandaan mahirap magutom ang 100 milyon higit na Pilipino.”

Robin Padilla
(Photo source: @robinhoodpadilla IG)

With this, many netizens salute Robin Padilla for showing his patriotism through supporting the programs of the present administration.

Instagram user @ellentuazonf said that the Kapamilya star is a good influence to all Filipinos because he is willing to extend help without aspiring for a position in the government.

Another netizen in the person of Instagram user @yadni_26 agreed to his post by saying that the Philippine Rise is indeed bountiful of resources that can be used by fishermen as a livelihood.

Philippine Rise
(Photo source: @robinhoodpadilla IG)

Some netizens wished him good luck for his endeavor of helping the government.

On the other hand, there are several netizens who criticized the said Instagram post of Robin.

Instagram user @summerschloe880 said that the government officials should have went to Spratlys instead of being in Philippine Rise for it is not a disputed area.

(screen shot from @robinhoodpadilla IG)

For Instagram user @whit3hat, it is the most stupid thing that the government ever done.

(screen shot from @robinhoodpadilla IG)

Another netizen posted with doubt if the photos were really taken in Philippine Rise. Instagram user @jedsib21 said that is seems the photos and videos posted on Robin’s IG account was just from Aurora.

(screen shot from @robinhoodpadilla IG)



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