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WATCH: Gretchen Barretto Reveals Why She Decided To Stop Her Charity Endeavor

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This is the reason of Gretchen Barretto why she decided to stop her charity endeavor with her friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda.

Gretchen Barretto, who recently became controversial because of her laughing video, announced that she is ending her charity endeavor on Instagram.

Based on a previous article, La Greta together with friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda, are now ending their wish-granting.

According to the socialite they are doing this not because they are cowards but because they see the need to stop.

Gretchen Barretto
(Photo source: EduGorilla Trends)

She also revealed the reason why she, particularly, decided that they need to bid goodbye to all the netizens who are asking help from them.

Gretchen said that she felt ashamed for Mimi Que and her husband Don Mario because they are private people but they also got affected with all the bashings.

And that goes also to Patty Pineda and her family.

The bashing against Gretchen’s charity work intensified when they were seen laughing in a video as Patty was reading the requests from Instagram user @jmula_ej.

She even posted some of the nasty comments she received from netizens who criticized their act.

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On the other hand, they announced that the last wishes they granted was those who were chosen last June 6.

Gretchen Barretto‘s charity endeavor on Instagram initiated last April as she celebrated the Easter Sunday.

Since that, several of her social media followers were asking for help for their various needs such as medical needs, school supplies, basic necessities of sick people, etc.

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Prior to the criticisms they received due to their laughing video, one mother previously ranted against them for allegedly being unfair of picking whose wish will be granted.

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