Georgina Wilson Is Accused Of Stealing Back Her Ex-BF Borgy Manotoc


A netizen accused Georgina Wilson of stealing back her ex-boyfriend Borgy Manotoc even though she is married now to Arthur Burnand.

Model and TV host Georgina Wilson is being accused of stealing her ex-boyfriend model Borgy Manotoc, the son of Senator Imee Marcos.

Twitter user @kaye_martinez has been iterating on her tweets that Georgina is divorcing her husband Arthur Burnand to be with her ex-lover.

Georgina Wilson
(Photo source: PEP)

According to the said netizen, the “It Girl” does not love her husband anyway and allegedly she is determined to steal Borgy from Carla Sison.

Here are some tweets from @kaye_martinez:

(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)
(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)
(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)
(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)

The accuser of Georgina Wilson even said that she and Borgy were spotted together in an Instagram story of Solenn Heussaff.

(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)

The Twitter user also replied to a tweet of the social news website Rappler asking it to write something about the said incident when Borgy was spotted with Georgina.

(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)

There was one netizen who defended the “It Girl” against all the accusations from the netizen who apparently hates her gravely.

(screen shot from @kaye_martinez IG)

The breakup of Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc became one of the most-talked about topic back in 2014.

Based on the article published in ABS-CBN Entertainment, the ex-couple separated for six months. On the other hand, they were able to fix the conflict between them and so they got back together.

Georgina admitted back then that the fault was on her part.

Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc
(Photo source: Cosmo)

“I was really arrogant enough to think that he would never leave me. Is this really happening? You really can’t wait? I feel like he felt he wasn’t important in my life anymore,” she said during an interview.

After patching up the problem, they got back to normal as boyfriend and girlfriend.

During that time, they were asked if they were already planning to settle down.

Here are their replies to this:

Borgy – “We’re good, we’re very happy. [We’ve been together] for over four years, so it’s pretty serious,” Manotoc said. “We’re still very driven though. We both have a lot of things that we like to do and to achieve before we think about something more serous. I think we’re in a good place.”

Georgina – “Naku, you know, I feel like when I relationship feels really good, you’re not rushing to get to the next stage. You’re like enjoying the stage that you’re in. For me, I love this stage.”


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