Manny Pacquiao Receives Criticisms For His Comment About Philippines-Australia Brawl


These are the comments from netizens who are against the remarks of Manny Pacquiao about Philippines-Australia brawl

Senator Manny Pacquiao received criticisms because of his comment regarding the recent brawl that happened between the Gilas Pilipinas and the basketball team from Australia.

The Pambansang Kamao stated that the Filipino players should have exhibited humility since they were the host country for the FIBA game.

In addition, Manny stressed out that the Pinoys should have been more respectful to their opponents and treated them as visitors.

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This comment from the boxing champ was bashed due to the perception of other that he does not know anything regarding team play, based on the article published in Bandera.

This came from the fact that he fights alone on the ring unlike the sports that requires team effort, just like basketball.

They are thinking that the boxer turned politician has no idea about team play.

According to the article, there was one netizen who justified what the Gilas Pilipinas members did.

Brawl between Philippines and Australia
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“Tawagin ba namang unggoy ng mga Australyano ang Team Pilipinas, tama ba ‘yun? Hindi ba aalsa ang mga Pinoy players sa panglalait sa kanila ng mga dayuhan?” the said netizen commented.

Another netizen said that the reaction of Pinoy players are but natural as they heard trash talking about them.
“Kapag ganu’n na ang mga trash talk na naririnig ng mga players mula sa dayuhan, anong pagpapakumbaba pa at pagrespeto ang pinagsasasabi ni Senator Pacquiao?” the said netizen stated.

There was one who pointed out that it is right that the Filipinos fought back, based on the article.

“Ano ‘yun, basta tanggapin na lang natin ang mga pangyuyurak nila, hindi na lang tayo kikibo? Ano ba naman ‘yan? Siya nga, kapag may laban siya, e, todo ang suporta sa kanya ng buong bayan, tapos ngayon, e, ganyan ang mga sinasabi niya?” came the lengthy reply from a netizen.


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