John Lloyd & Ellen’s Break-Up News More Interesting Than Their Baby’s Baptism?


Reportedly, the news about the break-up of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna is more interesting within showbiz circle than the baptism of their baby.

John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna’s love story shocked many as everyone was clueless that there was already something going on between them aside from friendship.

Since the time that they they took a break from show business, they became more controversial.

Yes, it was already confirmed that Ellen already gave birth to her son with Lloydie.

John Lloyd Cruz , Ellen Adarna
(Photo source: Showbiz Insider)

Prior to this confirmation, there were speculations that their baby was already baptized.

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At the same that the pregnancy rumors about Ellen circulated, it was also speculated that they already got married.

But the only thing that was confirmed until now is the birth of their baby for it was the reason of Ellen’s absence in the court for child abuse and cybercrime cases filed against her.

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What could be the next chapter of their love story?

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Based on the article published in Abante, people will be more interested to the news of their break up than about their baby getting baptized.

It is a known fact within the showbiz circle that John Lloyd had a relationship with Liz Uy and Angelica Pangniban.

However, the Kapamilya A-list actor has only succumb under the charm of Ellen Adarna.

It was said in the article that though the couple will no longer work in show business, they can still leave a very comfortable life because Ellen’s family is one of the wealthiest clans in Cebu.

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JLC can also be considered as a millionaire already for his earnings as an actor for many years.

Now that they are starting to build their own family, there are still a lot of things that can be anticipated about their relationship.

On the other hand, people are crossing their fingers that the couple will not go through a drastic obstacle in their lives as a couple –  and that is separation.

However, it is a sad fact that in show business, the most anticipated part in a relationship is the break up.


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