Kris Aquino Reveals Why She Wasn’t Included In ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Group Photo


Kris Aquino revealed the reason why she was not included in the group photo of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ cast members

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino definitely slayed the Hollywood premiere of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

She came dressed in a stunning yellow modern Filipiniana gown created by Michael Leyva.

Kris was indeed proud to be representing the Philippines and all the Filipinos during the said event.

Kris Aquino
(Photo source: @maleandmarie IG)

She also revealed in one of her posts that she was glad the Chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Mr. Emmerich was there to approached her as she entered the TCL Chinese Theater.

It is for the reason that Mr. Emmerich’s favorite staff member is a Filipina American and she wanted to see Kris.

With that, the Chairman granted the wish of his staff member for it is the first time she asked to be in a movie premiere and it is just because Kris was there.

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If you’ll ask me what my unforgettable moment inside the TCL Chinese Theater was- it was being approached by the @wbpictures group chairman Toby Emmerich because he wanted to introduce his favorite staff member from the Beverly Hills Hotel who is a Filipina American. He said that for 25 years she’d been taking such great care of him but had never asked for premiere night tickets except for tonight for @crazyrichasians because she wanted to meet me. It was just so heartwarming how many pictures Mr. Emmerich took of us because it just proved to me that anywhere in the world- our graciousness as a people is valued. I’m sure Bimb & i had the honor of being seated w/ his family because of how much affection a fellow Filipina had for me… @kevinkwanbooks made sure to check on me & as always he expressed so much gratitude for the support of Filipinos worldwide. P.S. Nabalitaan ko po na may konting sagutan na naganap between my brother & Sec Alan Cayetano- sa hindi sinasadyang choice- my clutch came from the Manila Fame & was given by @mayorlanicayetano. #lovelovelove THANK YOU to all the Filipinos who showed up w/ their flags, banners, and patiently waited since lunchtime to get prime spots. Yung effort na binigay nyo i know wasn’t just for me but because of Philippine pride. Uulitin ko po #kaysarapmagingpilipino. This was a chance to represent our country & i thank God for the once in a lifetime blessing. 🇵🇭💛💙❤️ (song credit: Love Moves in Mysterious Ways by @xtianbautista from my Universal Records album My Heart’s Journey)

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After this post, which included a heartfelt thank you message for the Filipinos who showed support in Hollywood, the Queen of all Media also shared her last post before going back to the Philippines.

She said she chose her photo showing the back of her dress as Princess Intan because for the rest of her life she shall look back at the experience of being part of ‘Crazy Rich Asians‘ as a turning point.

On this post, she received a comment from a netizen who asked her why she was not included in the group photo of the cast members of the movie.

“May I ask why you were not in group photo with other cast members [Kris Aquino]? I saw [South China Morning Post News] coverage; it would have been even great,” the netizen commented.

With this, Kris Aquino replied with: “Because nahiya naman akong umepal and it was so nice to chat with family of Mr. Emmerich and the rest of Filipinos inside.”

(screenshot from @krisaquino IG)

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This is the back shot of the gown i wore as Princess Intan in @crazyrichasians, created by @michael5inco who originally came from #Samar… i chose this picture as my last post before we fly home because for the rest of my life i shall look back at the experience of being part of @crazyrichasians as a turning point… i felt when auditioning for this that there was absolutely nothing left to lose & whether i was included or not- i gave it my very best… seeing the proud, smiling faces of all our fellow Filipino Americans lining Hollywood Boulevard made me realize that the greatest gift this movie gave me was that it gave me that special opportunity to make us Filipinos feel good about ourselves & our contribution to the global workforce… There’s a point in the movie when Rachel (@constancewu) is told that she would never be “enough” -a part of my heart felt that many of us at one point in our lives have all been made to feel that BUT tonight’s premiere, walking down that imperial green carpet, in a yellow gown w/ a prominent yellow ribbon a lasting,meaningful symbol of sacrifice & the Filipino worth dying for, fighting for, and living for-made by a young Filipino designer @michaelleyva_ in his #Rizal workshop by Filipino cutters & sewers, wearing jewelry lent to me by @diagoldjewelry based in #Cebu, w/ makeup done by @rbchanco who traces her roots to #Laguna & #Masbate, and my hair styled by @pinantonio; i am this girl whose parents hail from #Tarlac, #Bulacan, and #Antipolo, w/ her son who can also trace his roots to the #Negros Region, watching myself on that big TCL Chinese theater screen w/ makeup done by #Bicolano @juansarte & hair by #Butuan born & raised @nantealingasa & @jonathanvelasco__ from #Quezon City, styled by Filipino Chinese @kimiyap & @boopyap, i felt we are SPECIAL because we are so generous with opening up our hearts… iba ang Filipino pag sumuporta at magmahal… Thank you for truly restoring my FAITH na #kaysarapmagingpilipino 🇵🇭

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