Fernando Poe Jr: Reasons Why He Is Acclaimed As “Da King”


Fernando Poe Jr. is indeed “Da King” of Philippine entertainment industry because of these reasons

Here are the reasons why Fernando Poe Jr. or FPJ is being hailed as “Da King”.

Fernando Poe Jr.

Fashion style and legendary pose 

FPJ is known for his button-down shirts, straight cut pants, and a jacket. This has been his fashion trademark in his movies. His pose, hands down with both thumbs in the side pockets of the jeans, has become iconic.

Cool approach

Unlike other known action films stars, FPJ is has a cool approach to the bad guys in his movies. The icon speaks with calm voice and he expresses his anger through his eyes.

Fernando Poe Jr.


Fernando Poe Jr. is known for being a hero in his films but this trait also extends behind the camera. Many of his former co-stars can attest to this fact.


All the female stars who became his leading lady are flattered to have the chance to work with him. Of course, his ultimate leading lady is no other than his wife Susan Roces.

Fernando Poe Jr.

Funny side

Even though FPJ’s genre is action, he never fails to incorporate comedy in his films. Among his movies with touch of comedy are Pakners with Efren Bata Reyes, Alyas 1,2,3 and Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko.

Humble beginnings

Despite being the son of Fernando Poe Sr., an actor and producer, FPJ learned from the bottom. He started in the entertainment industry as a messenger boy, bit player, and stuntman. At 12, he became the breadwinner after his father died.

Fernando Poe Jr.

Pure talent

Aside from acting in front of the camera, FPJ was also a producer and director. In 1961, he launched the FPJ Productions. Through that, he made movies featuring him and other artists in the industry. Later on, he ventured to directing under the names of D’ Lanor and Ronwaldo Reyes.

Fernando Poe Jr.
(Photos from ABS-CBN)


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