Janella Salvador Puts End To Rumors on Real Score with Marco Gumabao


What is the real score between Janella Salvador and Marco Gumabao?

JANELLA SALVADOR – Young Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador put an end to the rumors over the real score between her and actor Marco Gumabao.

Previously, Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador was rumored to be in a relationship with her former on-screen partner Elmo Magalona. They compose the loveteam “ElNella”.

However, it seems that some things did not work out well between Janella and Elmo. There were allegations that the actor has hurt his rumored girlfriend. Even the mom of the actress, actress-singer Jenine Desiderio, got involved in the issue.

Elmo Magalona’s camp stayed silent amid the issue. Among the end of it was Jenine Desiderio expressing her wish for Elmo and Janella to heal separately from everything that happened.

After her rumored relationship with Elmo Magalona, Janella Salvador was engaged in another issue. It was after she was spotted at a resto-bar with actor Marco Gumabao.

Based on a report on Pep, the actor has previously expressed that he and the actress have decided to just stay as friends.

Recently, during her appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Janella Salvador broke her silence on the rumors over the real score between her and Marco Gumabao.

Speaking at the ABS-CBN late-night talk show, Janella affirmed the statement of Marco that they decided to remain as friends.

Janella Salvador
Instagram/Janella Salvador

According to the young actress, they were friends and they were getting to know each other until they made a decision to stop talking.

She admitted that a part of the decision is because they are not in the couple stage but the people are talking about it already.

“Wala pa kami dun and then parang people started assuming already,” she said based on the report.

Janella also admitted during her appearance on TWBA that she got depressed after her latest break-up. She narrated that there was even a night when she couldn’t sleep.

Meanwhile, she was rescued it when, through three(3) of her friends, spoke to her and told her that God has bigger things for her.

“In your time of need talaga, that’s how you know God is there,” she said.


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