Chubi Del Rosario: The Life Now of Anne Curtis’ Former Loveteam Partner


This is the life now of Anne Curtis’ former loveteam partner Chubi Del Rosario

Chubi Del Rosario, a former T.G.I.S. actor and loveteam partner of It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis, is living this kind of life now after his showbiz stints.

Chubi del Rosario
Photo courtesy of TC

During the 90s, several young artists have paved their way to stardom. Several of the actors and actresses who started their showbiz career during that time were able to stay in the industry until now. On the other hand, there were those who left the show business and ventured into other careers away from the glitz and glamour of the industry.

One of those who left the entertainment industry is Chubi. He and Anne became onscreen partners on the defunct Kapuso series during the 90s. Behind the camera, a puppy love bloomed between them. Aside from the popular youth-oriented show, Chubi also starred in several movies such as Honey My Love, So Sweet in 1999 and Magic Temple in 1996.

In 2018, Chubi and Anne have a reunion and their photo together brought “kilig” to their fans who have supported their tandem in the past. Apparently, the former loveteam partners were able to maintain their friendship which bloomed during their teen years.

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After leaving the showbiz industry, Chubi del Rosario found his happiness in a different field. He is now a host in children’s parties, based on his Instagram profile. Aside from that, he is also an entrepreneur. Though he left the entertainment industry, he still loves to perform in front of his young audience.

chubi del rosario
Photo courtesy of @chubidelro IG

Based on Chubi del Rosario’s recent Instagram post, he got sick but he is happy to recover for the holiday celebrations. In the photo that he shared, he appeared to be wearing a costume for his show.

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