Saab Magalona Expresses This Remark About Vico Sotto


Saab Magalona said something about Vico Sotto

Celebrity blogger/influencer Saab Magalona expressed this remark about Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto through her recent Twitter post.

Saab Magalona
Photo courtesy of @saabmagalona IG

Both Saab and Vico give updates to their followers, fans, for the mayor’s case to his constituents, through their accounts on the micro-blogging site. Through this platform, the young politician is delivering information to the residents of Pasig City.

One netizen, who is apparently, from the said city shared a photo showing what the local government is giving for the holidays. “I know we shouldn’t take food from strangers but have you ever received a Christmas gift pack from your local govt, delivered to your home by govt workers and volunteers, in a well-designed bag not bearing a politician’s name and face? Salamat, Pasig! [email protected] ANG HUSAY MO PO,” Twitter user @paulinethequeen said.

vico sotto
Photo courtesy of @vicosotto IG

The photos showed some grocery items that the city government of Pasig is giving to the people. This post of the netizen received a comment from Saab Magalona. “I love reading Vico’s Twitter updates, nakaka-inspire talaga. Sayang we are no longer living in Pasig!!” she said.

Twitter user @paulinethequeen replied to the comment of the celebrity blogger/influencer. “Oo nga!!! It’s a simple gesture but it lets you know that you’re accounted for. And it’s refreshing that residents don’t have to stand in line and idk, dance and embarrass themselves just to get food. Sana your new city government would be inspired to do the same,” the netizen stated.

The said netizens added that the representatives from the city were properly dressed with IDs and they did not even mention the name of Vico Sotto upon giving the gifts. There were also netizens who felt happy to receive a gift from the city government of Pasig.

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