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Sunday, October 24, 2021
Top 10 Films

TOP 10 Films Every Teenager Should Probably Watch

Here are the Top 10 films every teen of this generation should watch. TOP 10 FILMS - Here is the list of the Top 10...

Miles Ocampo On Her First Leading Role: “Hindi Po Ako Sanay”

After 15 years of playing supporting roles and ensemble characters, Miles Ocampo may have her first-ever leading role in a movie. "Hindi po ako sanay....

Robin Padilla Turned Down Movie Offer With Manny Pacquiao Due To This Reason

This is the reason why Robin Padilla turned down movie offer with Manny Pacquiao Robin Padilla, who is tagged as the Bad Boy of Philippine...

Direk Erik Matti Shares His Choice To Be The “Bagong Darna”

For Direk Erik Matti, this Kapamilya actress deserves to be the Bagong Darna Prominent filmmaker Erik Matti shared his chosen actress to be the Bagong...

‘Parasite’ As The First South Korean Film To Have Nominations At The Golden Globe...

South Korean Film 'Parasite' became the first-ever film to enter the final list of nominees for the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. The Hollywood Foreign Press...
Alone/Together Teaser

Alone/Together Teaser Reaches 3 Million Views, People Expect “Heart-Breaking Twist”

The Alone/Together teaser have already reached 3 million views. ALONE/TOGETHER TEASER - LizQuen's upcoming film "Alone/Together" first teaser broke hearts as moviegoers are already expecting...
Martin Del Rosario

Martin Del Rosario Revelations On Intimate Scenes With Kiko & Akihiro

Here are some juicy revelations from Martin Del Rosario about scenes from film "Born Beautiful". MARTIN DEL ROSARIO - "Born Beautiful" actor Martin Del Rosario...

Kris Is Allegedly The Reason Why ‘ILYH’ Box Office Gross Is Lower Than Expected

Allegedly, Kris Aquino is the reason why the box office gross of 'I Love You, Hater' (ILYH) is lower that what was expected. The recent...

‘O’ Movie Goes R-18 Due To ‘Sensitive’ Scenes of Anna Luna

Jasmine Curtis Smith and Sarah Carlos said in an interview last Friday during the Gala Night of O that there were scenes of Anna...

Behold Your Favorite Yellow Monster: The Pokemon Live Action Movie

The game Pokemon, with a lot of versions, has been adopted by many movie productions. The Tokyo Otaku Mode has released an article about...
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