List OF Top Ten Philippine Rock Bands Of All Time, According To Voting Website


Here is the list of top ten Philippine rock bands of all time and the comments from voters, according to a voting website.

Rock bands in the Philippine music scene have become a major part of the industry throughout the history of music in the country.

Their popularity hit it very big during the 1990s era when bands dominated the music scene.

Here are the top ten rock bands of all time in the Philippines, based on the voting website ‘The Top Tens’ and the comments of the voters.

  1. Yano
Rock bands in the Philippines

Most of the commenters like the band because of its front man Dong Abay. The band is the major influence for the love of music of one commenter.

  1. Slapshock
(couch tuner)

They are considered as one of the premiere rapmetal bands in the country, according to one commenter while another one said that the band is creates hard music yet with a passion in their lyrics.

  1. Siakol
(pinoy smile)

“Free, happy and sometimes a naughty state of mind”, one commenter related the feeling while listening to the music of Siakol. Another commenter said that their songs are really relatable.

  1. Kamikazee
(pulp magazine)

Those who voted for Kamikazee do not like just their music but the humble attitude they can see from all the members of the band.

  1. Bamboo

Commenters admire the great vocal power of the front man of the band as well as the quality of their songs.

  1. Rivermaya

Aside from relatable lyrics of their songs, voters also commended the joy they brought to the music lovers.

  1. Wolfgang

They are considered to be the Metallica of the Philippines, according to one commenter. It is because their music can be compared to other foreign rock bands.

  1. Juan Dela Cruz

They are the foundation of all the rock bands in the country, this is what a commenter strongly emphasized.

  1. Parokya Ni Edgar

The lyrics of their songs involved a great work of creativity, based on the comment from a voter and another one said that the band has a major impact on Filipino culture.

  1. Eraserheads

One commenter said that all emerging bands are being compared to Eraserheads while there is one who said that they are the only Filipino band with Diamond Album status.

(Source: The Top Tens)


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