Dragon Ball Z Theme Opening Theme Acoustic


Dragon Ball Z Opening Theme “Cha-la head-Cha-la” Cover by MAVILON – Acoustic Duo from the Philippines

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z TV series? 90’s kids love watching anime like Dragon Ball Z, it is indeed one of the BEST cartoon TV series for them. The story line, characters and their super powers are the ones that made them famous. Every 90’s kids wont skip an episode watching this TV series. Behind the story of each anime, there is an opening theme song that some kids could already memorize because it is always played before an episode starts. Can you memorize one?

Other musicians or music lovers like making their own rendition of playing the theme song of their favorite anime during their childhood, just like these guys. These Acoustic Duo from the Philippines made a cover of the song “Cha-la head-Cha-la”, it is the OST or opening theme of Dragon Ball Z. These guys call themselves “Mavilon”, they uploaded this video on their YouTube channel.

Last time, I posted a video of them playing the song “Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai”, Slam Dunk Opening theme. If you liked that video, here’s another cover you should not miss. Check this out!

Wow, these guys are awesome! If you love watching Dragon Ball Z, I’m sure you still remember this song. According to some Fans, these guys deserve more views. What do you think? If you like of check out more of their videos and latest covers, you can visit their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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