BTS Achieves New Milestone By Having An Album to Spend A Year


With “Love Yourself: Answer” album, BTS achieved a new milestone by having the first K-Pop album to spend one year on the Billboard 200.

Billboard 200

BTS’ “Love Yourself: Answer” album re-entered the chart at rank 165 for its 52nd, non-consecutive week on the chart. According to Nielsen Music, the said album already earned 1.1 million album units in total.

As of this writing, BTS already has two albums on the chart with “Map of the Soul: Persona” EP at 149 and “Love Yourself: Answer” album at 165. The group’s latest EP was already on its 25th non-consecutive week on the chart.

The group made history on the Billboard 200 chart in terms of album’s longevity by spending two weeks on the chart with their full-length album “Wings”. BTS may be considered as the first K-pop group to make this possible.

BTS continued to break their own record with their succeeding releases, including their 2017 EP “Love Yourself: Her” that went 44 non-consecutive weeks on the chart. The “Love Yourself: Her” EP became the second-most Billboard 200 weeks of any releases from BTS.

“Love Yourself: Answer” album has 26 tracks of new songs inside. This album also included tracks from previous EPs, the “Love Yourself: Her” and “Love Yourself: Tear”.

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