Last Real-Life Mermaids In Korea: Photographer Mijoo Kim Pays Tribute


A Korean photo enthusiast took photos of the last real-life mermaids in Korea as a tribute.

LAST REAL-LIFE – A Korean photographer, Mijoo Kim, pays tribute to the last generation of real-life mermaids in Korea.

Ariel of Little Mermaid has been prominent most especially to little kids. That shows how fascinated the people are when it comes to magical creatures like mermaids. But have you ever thought if there is really a real mermaid?

Despite the common notion that they were just born out of imaginations, there are people who believe that mermaids exist – they could be real people.

Last Real-Life
Photo Credit: Mijoo Kim

In one recent post, several mermaids were photographed by a Korean photographer named Mijoo Kim to pay a tribute to the last real-life mermaids.


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