Toby: Leonardo da Vinci’s Artist Fan


Toby, a nine-year old art student, dresses up like da Vinci, his inpiration.

Toby was more than ready to for a school project where he poses proudly with his art materials arranged on the table – with his eye-catching beard and outfit, of course.

At #MetKids, anyone who enjoys art and doing it are welcome to participate. The museum is located in New York.

One of them is Toby, student at the Pearls Hawthorne School in Yonkers, who is part of the class who participated in the living “wax museum”.

Each of them were asked to do some research about history, and should be dressed up just like them.

So he chose the all-time famous Italian inventor, artist, and draftsman, Leonardo da Vinci.

So all we know, da Vinci lived in the Renaissance era whose original drawings are found in The Met collection.


Toby was asked why is he his favorite artist.

According to him, Leonardo’s paintings are very realistic, like pictures shot by a camera.

When asked about his favorite things about the artist, he said he admires Leonardo because he was both an artist and an inventor.

The young student likes to draw imaginary characters then cut it out of papers, so that he could play with them, according to him.

He was asked when is the time he feels most creative, it is when he sits down quietly with his pencil and notebook, then draw random subjects out of his imagination.

Masha Turchinsky, interview of the “young da Vinci” said , “That sound like you embrace the spirit of Leonardo’s practice – not to mention the impressive beard. Thank you, for sharing your artistic inspirations and photo with us!”

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