Parts Of Speech (Different Kinds, Definitions & Examples)


Here are the different kinds, definitions, and examples of Parts of Speech

Parts of speech define the use of a word in a sentence and it is classified into 8 major parts.

Here are the different kinds of Parts of Speech, the definitions of each kind and some examples.

parts of speech

– A noun is also called the naming word. In short, it is the name of a person, place, thing or idea.
Examples: Daina, basket, Paris, respect, honesty

– It is a word that replaces the noun or noun phrase to avoid repetition.
Examples: I, her, him, she, you, us

– An adjective is also called the describing word. This part of speech
describes, modifies or gives more information about a noun or pronoun.
Examples: beautiful, high, big, far, double, thin

– It is also called the action word that shows what someone or something is doing.
Examples: climb, like, is, eat, travel, sing, talk

– This part of speech describes or modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb. It tells how, where, when, how often or to what extent. NOTE: Many adverbs end in -LY
Examples: well, yesterday, there, loudly, quickly

It shows the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word which indicates time, place, or relationship.
Examples: over, under, in, on, under, from, between

– This word joins two words, ideas, phrases or clauses together in a sentence. It also shows how they are connected.
Examples: and, but, because, so, or, if, yet, unless, since, if

– An interjection is a short exclamation. It is a word or phrase that expresses a strong feeling or emotion.
Examples: Hi! Hello! Ouch! Wow! Great! Help! Oh!

Enjoy using the parts of speech in your sentences.

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