Month of May Facts And Trivia


Month of May is One of the famous months of the year, so here are some facts.

Month of May, famously known as Month of Blessed Virgin Mary, shares some other unknown facts and trivia, but some of these are not applicable to other countries.

Month of May

According to some, the name of the month had derived from the name Maia, who is the Greek Goddess of fertility.

According to Ovid, a Roman Poet, had another trivia: May was named for the “elders” (maoires), while June is from iuniores (youth).

There is no month of the year that begins or ends on the same day.

According to traditional superstitions, during the month of may, you should not buy brooms, wash blankets, or get married!

They have this saying: “Marry in May and you will rue the day!”

The emerald, is the months birthstone, which symbolizes love and success.

The United Kingdom celebrates the month as the “national Smile Month”.

The Empire State Building was opened in the first day of the month of 1931.

Of course, Mothers day is observed and celebrated, the most known event of the month.

It is also Armed Forces Day, and is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

The Kentucky Derby is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month, at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky.

While Cinco de mayo is celebrated by many Mexican Americans. It is the anniversary of the victory of Mexico over the Frenchmen in 1862.

It is also a National Holiday in Mexico.


So what have you learned in these surprising facts and trivia?

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