Millennial Terms: Meanings Of Terms Used By Millennials On Social Media


Here are the meanings of the commonly used millennial terms

This generation has been using different kinds of millennial terms which are frequently seen on social media and here are the meanings of these words.

Young people belonging to the millennial generation has a unique way of expressing themselves. They use abbreviated terms, acronyms, and sometimes they invent their own words depending on the message they want to convey.

millennial terms

Here are some of the millennial terms and their meanings.


These terms are used as nouns. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out” and this is associated to the anxiety when a person is missing an event, a trend, or a hangout. JOMO, on the other hand, or “joy of missing out”, is for the one who enjoys solitary moments. This term is fit for introverts.


This verb term means undying love and support for someone which sort of originated from the era of fandom. When fans started to have their OTP (one true pair) they avidly support the pair but the point came that they started supporting their favorite celebrities without seeing the need to pair them to others.


Netizens use this adjective term to call out to someone after that person did or said something unpleasant. This can be used to voice out injustices but some netizens have been using this irresponsibly to other people without investigating the whole circumstances of a situation.


Used as a verb, this term means something new is coming out. Some music personalities have used this when they have new material. Later on, the fashion industry is also using the term drop for new collections.


This is one of the millennial terms which is commonly seen on social media. Mood is used to sum up the what you feel in life.


This acronym stands for “greatest of all time”. Fans have been using this term to describe the celebrities they really like.


This term is a slang for “let’s get it”. Rapper Lil Pump made this term popular.

Headass and Deadass

Headass is an insult, according to Scout Mag, as it simply means stupid. Deadass is a more aggressive way of saying something is real.


This stands for “that feeling when”. Netizens use this term with elaborate gif that best describes what they are feeling.

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