INSTAGRAM PHOTOS – Tips To Take Nice IG Photos On Your Phone


A guide to take good Instagram photos.

INSTAGRAM PHOTOS – Here are some useful tips and tricks in order to take a good photos perfect for your Instagram post.

Phone photography is much harder than how the shot probably looks like. And these photos are the moments we let other people see by posting it on social media platforms and among the most famous and most used app for photo sharing is the Instagram.

Instagram Photos

And now, here are some guides and tips for you to take a good photo for Instagram:

  • Set up your phone’s camera in order to prevent over-exposing something on your subject. Try to adjust the light in your screen for there is no photo editing tools that could probably fix an over-exposed subject.
  • Keep off HDR (High Dynamic Range) as it will make your photo appear not natural and overly done. Keep in mind that in IG photos, less is more.
  • Plan what you would like for your Instagram feed to look like and the impression you are targetting to achieve when people visit your account. Your feed will tell what people can expect from you and what content you can give them.
  • Take note of the lighting and always use the natural light. Avoid using the flash too much.Also, plan and think of the right time to take the perfect photo (e.g. during dusk or dawn, your photo might likely to give soft shadows and light contrasts.)
  • For foodie post, find for wooden tables, marble slabs or anything that’s simple to serve as background for your food. To enhance the food appearance,adjust the exposure, contrast, and sharpness as per Later.
  • With wall backdrop, make yourself as the center through the rule of thirds, maximize the background and let it work for your photo.
  • And when going places, make sure to have a photo with “bigger world and small human”.


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