“Historical Chair” Used by Mayor Duterte Now Preserved


The tough-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte made some historical achievements in the Philippines aside from being the first President from Mindanao. There are many first under Duterte’s presidency and one of the most memorable things under his belt is the “historical chair” or the chair he used during the 2016 national elections.

Mayor Duterte chair

The wooden chair now known as the “historical chair” of President-elect Rody Duterte when he voted at Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in Davao City during the 2016 national elections has been preserved by the Department of Education (DepEd) in cooperation with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Davao City.

The Duterte chair is now placed inside a glass box that came from an anonymous donor according to the school administration who also plans to make a wax sculpture of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and turn the classroom where the Mayor cast his vote into a “Duterte Museum.”

According to some teachers in the educational institutions used by the incoming President to cast his vote, they will let the outgoing Mayor of Davao City to use the chair again in the next elections. Mayor Rody Duterte served as Mayor of Davao City for 20 years and he was credited for transforming the city into one of the most peaceful and progressive highly urbanized cities in the Philippines.

The reluctant presidential candidate also made history in Philippine politics as the first and only Mayor who run and won as President of the Republic of the Philippines aside from being the oldest President to served as Chief Executive of the country. He is also the first and only candidate who runs not because of his political machinery but because of volunteerism. President Duterte also won as the first Philippine President who successfully used the power of social media.


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