Here’s The Reason Why Women In China Bound Their Feet


Chinese Women Bound Their Feet: Reason Revealed

China is known for one peculiar practice – the bounding of feet by the Chinese women. This tradition can be traced back since the early times as it is one practice that China is known of.

For the record, this practice starts when the Chinese girl reaches four years old. It goes between four to nine years old.

What is being done first is the soaking of the feet of the Chinese women in an animal’s blood. Secondly, they get to fold their toes over the sole and cover it with bandages.

Do You Know Why Women In China Bound Their Feet

For them to achieve the smallest feet size possible, they break their bones on the arch ad toes by force to manage it tighter and easily.

The breaking of bones is real. It is done for the Chinese women to achieve the smallest feet size they can.

This practice is believed to give prosperous marriage life to the women. Further, this is considered a part of the ideal beauty in China.

On the deeper sense, there is another reason behind this practice. Based on Beverly Jackson’s book entitled Splendid Slippers: A Thousand Years of Erotic Tradition, attraction is the real thing behind the bounding of feet.

Walking with small feet, a unique posture and gait are achievable as the leg parts are being tightened. Big thighs are also reachable as the weight of the body is carried by the heels.

Further, Chinese men have claimed that making love with women with tightened muscles and private parts feels like making love with a virgin.

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  1. Before my mom always told me my feet is look like the chinese women,I was wondering she always told me my feet is”pakha”I saw the photos and its amaze me zit seem that my feet is bonded also


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