Sleep Paralysis, A Terrible Nightmare That You Don’t Want to Experience


Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is when you fall asleep or newly awake from a sleep then temporarily you can’t move, speak or react is it horrible right? It’s a terrifying nightmare that you wish you will not experience.

It is a state that you can’t move your arms, legs, body, and head during stage of sleep and wakefulness. Usually our brain relax our muscles when we sleep this is called “Atonia”. But when atonia exist upon waking up then sleep paralysis occurs.

There are 2 types of sleep paralysis.

1. Hypnagogic or Predormital form – it is a state of sleep paralysis when falling asleep.

2. Hypnopompic or Postdormital form – it is a kind of paralysis when waking up from sleep.

As the time goes by and over the centuries have passed. Signs of sleep paralysis described in many ways. Such as superstitious belief, scientific explanations, myths, other beliefs and etc.

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