Chinatown Museum To Feature Old Binondo’s History, Upon Completion


Old Binondo’s History Will Be Featured In The Chinatown Museum Once It Is Completed

Chinatown Museum gallery will feature the history of old Binondo in the past when the construction of the museum finished.

Binondo is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established on 1594 by the Spaniards near Intramuros but across the Pasig River for Catholic Chinese. The Chinatown was established by the Spaniards as a permanent settlement for Chinese immigrants.

All types of business in Binondo runs by Filipino-Chinese thrive because it is the center of commerce and trade of Manila. Its influence extends beyond the place of Quiapo, Sta. Cruz, and San Nicolas. The place is very famous not only for being a Chinatown and businesses in the place but also for its traditions.

Chinatown Museum

The museum is now under construction and soon will show the stories of Binondo’s past and its colorful history. The first Chinatown Museum in the country will be created by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls together with National Geographic.

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