St. Joseph the Worker and May Day


St. Joseph’s Feast Day Is Also the May Day

St. Joseph the Worker, or widely known as Christ’s biological father, is one of the most admirable saints.

St. Joseph the Worker’s  Feast day was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955.

This was to coincide with International Labor Day or known as, “May Day”.

St. Joseph

Saint Joseph is a skilled carpenter, who taught Jesus carpentry and not only that, but also the appreciation of the dignity of labor.

St. John Paul II said, “the Church regards St. Joseph as the patron of workers because of his hard manual labor to provide for his family. His solemnity is an occasion to reflect on the importance of work in the life of man, the family, and the community.”

The Second Vatican Council also said: “Human activity derives from man and is ordered to man. To become a source of blessing and holiness, work should be offered to God, according to the motto of St. Benedict: ‘Ora et Labora’ or ‘pray and work’.”

 “May Day has traditionally been dedicated to all working men, where it also falls in the first day of the month – dedicated to Our Lady, The blessed Virgin Mary.

St. Joseph

Pope Pius XII decided to celebrate Saint Joseph Feast day with labor day in order to strengthen the dignity of labor and bring more spiritual meaning to all laborers.

Saint Joseph the Worker is also the patron saint against doubts and hesitation, Americas, Austria, California, Belgium, Diocese of Baton Rouge and Buffalo, New York, Canada; engineers, expectant mothers, fathers, Florence, Italy, house hunters, immigrants, interior souls, Korea, laborers, married people, pioneers, pregnant women, diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and many more.

His symbols are carpenter’s square, Bible, branch, carpenter’s tools, chalice, cross, hand tools , infant Jesus, ladder, lamb, lily, monstrance, old man holding a lily, plane, old man holding the infant Jesus.


So what are you waiting for? You may ask Saint Joseph’s intercession for a specific purpose now, and have faith!


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