Evidence On Hitler Being A Son Of Jose Rizal Exposed


The lost diamond tie-pin of Rizal in a hotel where he stayed in Austria was seen.

Evidence- The tie-diamond pin of Rizal lost in a hotel where he stayed in Austria was accounted to be found by a maid in Vienna. Also, Hitler’s mother, Klara Polzl had worked as a maid in Vienna.

Here the fantasy starts, that time, it has been told that the the lady returned the diamond tie-pin was returned to Rizal. Stories also came out where people say there must be something between Rizal and the maid and how she found a pin in his hotel room.

Evidence On Hitler Being A Son Of Jose Rizal Exposed

Tracing the history, Hitler was conceived in 1888 where Rizal was again conveniently back in Europe. It is also said that Rizal was still in Europe when Hitler was born in 1889. He had a German friend called Dr. Adolf Meyer. Was Hitler named after Rizal’s friend?

Although Hitler was said to have born in Braunau, Austria, in his writings, he indicated Linz as his hometown where Rizal had the town visited often. Other historians indicated that Hitler might have in fact move to Linz.

These stories remain to be a fantasy for all , that Hitler was actually a son of the Philippine National Hero, with the Austrian maid who eventually alleged to be Rizal’s girlfriend who returned the pin written to be “conveniently” left behind by the hero, explains why Hitler does not look like your usual German and, except for his blue eyes, looks more like Rizal.

May it be fact of bluff, it is for you to judge and search for yourself, in the end fantasies will end fantasies itself. The evidence is the flimsiest of circumstances anyway. Myth will always find its way to reveal itself.



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