Nokia Returns To Smartphone Market: A Sneak Peek To Its 2017 Flagship Phones


Nokia is back in the smartphone market.

NOKIA – After Nokia recently confirmed its return to the smartphone scene, images and details about its flagship phones for 2017 have leaked.

As years passed by, the features of mobile phones went more advanced. The traditional infrared connection used in transferring files was replaced by Bluetooth connection and SHAREIt application.

The traditional black and white screens were replaced with colored touch-sensitive screens. Keyboards went QWERTY and mobile phones now can be used in the surfing the online world.

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

Undeniably, the upgrades implemented by the companies that manufacture phones hooked the people. Some of the biggest and known names in the field of phone production are Samsung, Nokia, LG and Oppo.

However, unlike before wherein most of the populace own a Nokia phone, nowadays people walking on public places can be seen with different phone brands. Android-powered phones have indeed been loved by many.

Nevertheless, based on a previous news report, Nokia is returning into the smartphone market and already starts to sell some of its models on its website. Furthermore, it is stated that Android-powered phones are being worked on by the company.

Meanwhile, a recent news report in FHM stated the features of the flagship phones that will be released by the company in 2017.

According to the news report, GSM Arena’s attention was caught by the leaked information and images from Weibo regarding the features of the flagship phones. Here are some of the features of the first Nokia phones to be released in 2017:

1. Coming in Two Sizes

Based on the leaked specs, phones having 5.2 and 5.5-inch screens and 2K resolution will be released by Nokia.

2. Carl Zeiss Camera

The Flagship phones for 2017 will be bearing Carl Zeiss camera.

Photo lifted from FHM

3. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset

The flagship phones will settle for a 820 chipset instead of what rumors entailed earlier that it would settle for 350 chipset.

4. 4GB RAM

A 4GB RAM will be installed in the flagship phones that will be released in 2017.

Photo lifted from FHM

5. Android Nougat

The new Nokia phones will operate on Android Nougat.

6. Water and Dust Proof

Nokia smartphones would be perfect for the beach as they will be coming with water and dust-proof cases.


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