Organizers Of Miss Universe Were Criticized For Whale Shark Swim In Cebu


Environmentalists criticized the Miss Universe over Whale trip.

Environmentalists took to social media and criticized the organizers of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the Philippines over Whale trip in Cebu.

Despite the protests of the Environmentalists on social media, organizers of Miss Universe pursue to take the candidates to visit Oslob town.

In a recent news report of ABS-CBN news, Environmentalists slammed the Miss universe organizers, calling them “irresponsible” for letting contestants swim with endangered whale sharks.

The environmentalists pointed out the reasons that drawing tourists to the whale sharks will only cause harm.

Environmentalists Slam Organizers Of Miss Universe Over Whale Trip
Environmentalists Slam Organizers Of Miss Universe Over Whale Trip

As the Tourists swimming with the sharks are strongly discouraged by environmental groups.

Many of the Environmentalist took to social media to express that they are greatly dismayed with the organizers of the prestigious pageant.

Vince Cinches of Greenpeace Southeast Asia told AFP that they are afraid with the trip of Miss Universe organizers over Whale trip.

“We are afraid because with Miss Universe going there, the Philippines is promoting a bad tourism practice,” Cinches said.

“We are telling the world it’s okay to do this, aggravating this kind of behavior,” he added.

Furthermore, the Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale clarified the issue by saying that there is no city ordinance or national law banning the locals from feeding nor watching these whale sharks.

Magpale also shared that the she had a discussion with the governor about the issue, and concluded that they will abide by the president’s order.

Miss Universe candidates were photographed smiling with the world’s largest living fish in waters off the island of Cebu.

But the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines opposes this by saying the act was not even ecotourism.

“It’s irresponsible and unsustainable. It’s not even ecotourism. You sacrifice the environment just for a selfie,” the group’s director AA Yaptinchay told AFP.

Because of this, many of the Facebook users took to social media and expressed outrage online.

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