Watch: Filipino soldiers Mannequin Challenge Goes Viral!


Pinoy soldiers join the mannequin challenge bandwagon

Pinoy soldiers have found an instant fame on the social media after a video of them doing the mannequin challenge went viral.

Mannequin challenge is a new viral craze where people imitate mannequins by freezing in one spot with music playing in the background while a camera films them. Many of these videos have been shared with the Hashtag, #MannequinChallenge.

The new trend social media and Internet trends seem to be taking the world by storm.

Who would have thought that our tough soldiers have a soft side too? Take this viral video as an example.

Soldier trainees of the First Scout Ranger Regiment caught the attention of the online world.

Viral: Pinoy Soldiers Join The Mannequin Challenge
Viral: Pinoy Soldiers Join The Mannequin Challenge

A video posted by John Mark Gatchalian have found fame after it showed the Pinoy soldiers doing the mannequin challenge in San Miguel, Bulacan went viral on Facebook.

The trainees can be seen in the video scenes of war, their training, and some funny activities.

The viral video which lasts one minute and 42 seconds has now more than 150,000 views, over 3,000 shares and nearly 500 comments on social media.

The soldier trainees did the trendy challenge in San Miguel, Bulacan. They showed various scenes of 10 SROC Malawi Class 86-16 trainees who seemed to be frozen by time.

In an interview of ABS-CBN news, freelance videographer John Mark Gatchalian revealed that he was approached by a friend about doing a mannequin challenge video for an upcoming Christmas party.

Gatchalian said that the soldiers don’t understand about mannequin challenge because they are in training. So he decided to the concept of the mannequin challenge to the trainees and even showed samples.

“Hindi kasi nila alam ‘yung mannequin challenge kasi nasa training, walang internet… Mabilis naman nila na-gets,” he said.

With the help of Technical Sergeant Cesar Barrameda Cuenca, drill instructor of candidate soldiers of the First Scout Ranger Regiment, and the permission of Col. Rene Glen O. Paje INF (GSC) Philippine Army Commander First Scout Ranger Regiment, they successfully conceptualized the trending challenge.

“We thought of three scenes for the mannequin challenge: war, training and wacky scenes. We thought of thinking a wacky scene in the end because soldiers are always shown as being serious, not smiling. They can be fun too,” he said.

Cuenca also shared that he participated in the mannequin challenge.

The viral mannequin challenge of the soldiers are now taking the social media by storm!

Watch the full video here:


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