LOOK: PH Team Win The Amazing Race Asia Season 5


Filipino beauty queens won the Amazing Race Asia Season 5

Filipino beauty queens Maggie Wilson-Consunji (Filipino British) and Parul Shah (Filipino-Indian) won the Amazing Race Asia Season 5.

Who would have thought that the two Pinay beauty queens would win the reality television game show based on the American series, “Amazing Race Asia.”

The Pinay beauty queens have traveled to 6 countries, 12 cities and racing over 12,000 kilometers, Wilson and Shah won the fifth season of the “Amazing Race Asia.”

The two Filipina beauties beat two other teams: the tandem of Malaysian beauty queens Chloe Chen and Lee Yvonne, who were second, and the only other Filipino team in the race, Philippine TV personality Eric Tai and his wife Rona, who ended in third place.

LOOK: Filipino Beauty Queens Win 'The Amazing Race Asia Season 5'
LOOK: Filipino Beauty Queens Win ‘The Amazing Race Asia Season 5’

The two queens were declared as the winners of the US$100,0000 (roughly P5 million) cash prize after they arrived first at the final pit stop.

According to a report of GMA news, the race ended in Bali Indonesia.

Host Allan Wu congratulated the two Filipina beauties for winning as the second team from the Philippines who got the title in the “Amazing Race Asia.”

“We did it, we did it!” Maggie told Parul as the two of them emotionally hugged each other.

“We’re just so so happy we can help Parul’s family now, with our winnings,” Maggie said, referring to Parul’s dad, who previously suffered a stroke.

The two recalled admits that they struggle with the tasks that they had to complete to move on to the next task.

In tears, the two hugged each other for surpassing the toughest race yet with several surprising twists and some extremely challenging conditions.

The two Filipina beauties performed well in the final two legs of the race.

In a previous interview, the two beauty queens revealed that their motivation in joining the race was to help Parul’s family as her father had suffered a stroke.

He taught me to never give up in life and I did this to prove that no matter what life throws at you, never give up,” said Parul.

LOOK: Filipino Beauty Queens Win 'The Amazing Race Asia Season 5'
LOOK: Filipino Beauty Queens Win ‘The Amazing Race Asia Season 5’

On the $100,000 (roughly P5 million) cash prize, they said they are splitting the prize money. Shah will use her share to help her father’s treatment who had a stroke and help in his retirement.

Watch how the two beauty queen have survived challenges in six countries, 12 cities and over 12,000 kilometers, beating 10 other teams to claim the ultimate US$100,000 cash prize.


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