New Jersey Plane Crash Leaves Filipino Pilot Dead, Another Victim Still Unidentified


Co-pilot Jeffrey Alino died in a plane crash.

JEFFREY ALINO – A plane crash in New Jersey left two people dead including a Filipino pilot, co-pilot Jeffrey Alino, on Monday.

Based on a recent report in ABS-CBN News, citing Balitang America, the other victim of the small plane crash was not yet identified.

The small plane reportedly crashed into a parking area when it was attempting to land at Teterboro airport.

Jeffrey Alino
Screengrabbed from the Video posted by TFC Balitang America on YouTube

According to the news report, the area where the plane crashed is not more than a quarter away.

One of the two people that were left dead by the tragic incident is a 33-year-old Filipino American pilot. His name is Jeffrey Alino and he was from Union, New Jersey.

According to the officials, the Fil-Am pilot has already been in the field for three to four years already. The people who love him dearly tagged him as a kind man.

Based on the report, the authorities have not yet identified the other victim of the plane crash.

Aside from leaving two people lifeless, 13 cars were destructed by the small plane crash and three buildings were affected. Fortunately, no people on the ground was hurt by the incident.

The cause of the small plane crash was not yet released. According to the authorities, the concern during that time was the strong wind.

Meanwhile, a preliminary report on the reason why the small plane crashed on Monday is targeted to be released by the National Transportation Security Board based on the report.


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