WATCH: Gay Marine Student Asked By Prof To Speak Like Man So His Squad Can Enter The Room


A gay marine student was tasked by his professor to harden his voice.

GAY MARINE – In order for his squad to be able to enter the room, a gay marine student leading the group was asked by his professor to speak like a real man.

Recently, a video crossed the Facebook page Bisaya Pay Imo.  In the video, it could be seen that marine students wearing their white uniforms were in two lines.

The caption of the post reads: “Kanang lalaki ug tingog bes para makasulod imong squad… Haha.”

Gay Marine Student
Screengrabbed from the Video Posted on Bisaya Pay Imo

It could be seen that the marine student in front of the line is tasked to lead the squad as they are about to enter the room.

However, he has to harden his voice first as he speaks as requested by their teacher. A voice that possibly belongs to their professor could be heard in the video saying that they cannot enter the room as long as he does not speak with a manly voice.

The gay marine student repeatedly spoke several times and every time he commits mistake or his voice begins to soften he and his classmates would burst into laughter.

After several tries, the marine student was able to make it and they were allowed by their professor to get inside the room.

The video has reached around four thousand views on the social media and more than one thousand nine hundred shares on the online platform.

Undeniably, lots of netizens were entertained by the video based on their comments to the post.

According to a Facebook user, she was entertained by the video but she is also glad that there is no discrimination. It is just that the marine student leading the group was pressured.

One netizen stated in a comment to the post that the wonderful thing is that the classmates of the gay marine student accept him as he is.


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