SSS OFW SALARY LOAN – Guide On How OFW Members Of SSS Can Apply For Loan


Steps on How SSS Members Working Abroad Can Apply for SSS OFW Salary Loan

SSS OFW SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how overseas Filipino workers-members of the Social Security System can apply for the salary loan offer.

The social insurance institution that governs the insurance of most people working in private companies in the Philippines is the Social Security System (SSS). Self-employed individuals and as well as those working abroad may also apply for SSS membership.

SSS provides a lot of benefits and loan assistance for its members provided that the member has an active account – meaning he or she is an active payer of the SSS monthly contribution.

One of the SSS loans offers to members is a salary loan. It is open not only to Filipino employees working in private companies in the Philippines but as well as to those working abroad or the overseas Filipino workers.

SSS Salary Loan

According to the Social Security System (SSS), members who are working abroad may apply for the SSS OFW salary loan through either of two(2) ways.

Option 1

OFW members may apply for loan at the SSS Foreign Representative Offices. Selected countries have the SSS Foreign Representative Offices.

Option 2

If there is no SSS Foreign Representative Office at the country where the applicant is working, he or she may send his or her application form and as well as the supporting documents to his or her loved ones in the Philippines. The relative can process it provided that the documents are certified by the Philippine Consulate Embassy.

For a guide on how to apply for SSS Salary Loan, visit – SSS SALARY LOAN: How To Apply For Salary Loan To SSS.

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