Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas For Your Love This Day Of Hearts


Here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas that are simple to do and will surely warm the heart of the person you love this coming day of hearts

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, people are starting to find gift ideas for the person who holds a special place in their hearts.

Some spends a lot of money just to please the one they love but there are those who just chose to make it personal.

Here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas for those who want to choose to be practical and to unleash their artistic side; after all it is the thought that counts.

Message in a Bottle Keychain

Derive from a romantic film in 1999 Message In A Bottle, this will sure tickle the heart of the person you love as he/she reads the your message and carry it along all the time

Gift Ideas


Love Map

It will serve as a look back of special places and events you shared with your love one and every time she/he looks at it, the memories will be recalled.


I Love You Because…

Every day the love of your life will feel special as you confess the reason why you love him/her.


Seven Days Of Love

Remind him/her to take a daily dose of your love through this one in DIY gift ideas and surely your love will be boosted every single day.


51 Reasons I Love You

As they say, love is a game but by using a deck of cards, you can show the person you love 51 reasons that he/she is not just a game.


Pre-planned Date Ideas

You and your love one will surely not run out of ideas where to go and what to do during your dates. This one from the do-it-yourself gift ideas will surely make your rendezvous a time-saving one and you can plan ahead what it is going to be.


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