IN PHOTOS: Inside President Rodrigo Duterte’s Humble Home In Davao City


Here are some photos to provide a sneak peek in the humble home in Davao City of the 16th President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte.

Before becoming the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte was among the city mayors, who served his constituents for the longest time.

He was elected as the Davao City Mayor for seven terms which is equivalent to 22 years.

Rodrigo Duterte

Despite of being well-known all over the country even before he entered the national political scene, Duterte was still able to maintain a humble way of living.

One good example to this is his home in his city which is not expected to most politicians to have.

Here is a sneak peek inside the humble abode of the Philippine President, based on the article recently published in Hottest Online Trends.


Just by looking the outside appearance of the home of the President, it already depicts humbleness.


This is the first room after coming from the garage.


Along the house’s entrance, the shoes of Duterte can be seen lining up at one said and he jokingly said “The only thing I have in common with Imelda Marcos”.

Living Room

The living room of President Rodrigo Duterte also depicts simplicity and his masseuse was waiting that time for him.


The elected public official admitted that he is a bookworm and among his collection of books, he likes to read spy novels and history books.


Duterte climbs up to this staircase every time he goes to his room.

Old Picture

This is the photo of young Rody which is being hanged near the entrance of his bedroom.

Kid’s Photo

There was also a photo of his youngest child named Veronica.


The bedroom of the President showcased a mosquito net because he does not want the insects to disturb his sleep.

Fitness Equipment

Duterte said that he tried to stay fit through his exercise machine which can be found in his bedroom.


The bathroom is also the thinking room of the President

Illustrated Biography

On the top of Duterte’s exercise machine, a signed copy of a biography of activist and priest Louie Jalandon was there.


President Rodrigo Duterte uses the taxi which his friends gave him to roam around Davao City without being recognized as the Mayor, based on the article.

(Photos: Rappler via Hottest Online Trends)


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