Claudine Barretto Shows Glimpse Of Her Lavish Home


Claudine Barretto showed a glimpse of her lavish home through a video she shared while she was cleaning together with her children.

Claudine Barretto started her career in show business at a young age when she was included in the cast of Kapamilya’s child-oriented show ‘Ang TV’ back in 1992.

Her biggest break as an actress when she starred in the hit soap opera ‘Mula Sa Puso’ with her partner and boyfriend back then, the late Rico Yan.

Throughout the years that she has been in the industry, Claudine is considered to be one of the top billing actresses in the country.

Claudine Barretto
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In line with that, it is not a thing to be wondered about if she has already acquired luxurious things to bring her comfort in life.

An example to this is her house which reflects her status in life.

In a recent article published in, the Kapamilya actress showed a glimpse of her lavish home through a video.

In the said video, the actress was showing her social media followers the activity that she was doing that day and it was house cleaning.

Claudine showed that she has two little helpers – her adorable children, who already started cleaning the floor of what seemed to be their balcony.

That proves that her children are not spoiled, based on the article. They are also willing to do some household chores.


The initial intention of the video to share her house cleaning activity made other people noticed something.

It was how lavish her home was and it even has a big swimming pool.

Aside from that, the view from where Claudine Barretto shot the video showed a relaxing atmosphere for not far from their balcony, a river can be seen.


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