Filipino Triplets from Isabela Complete Junior High School as Top 3 of their Class


Filipino triplets bring pride to their parents as they graduated from Junior High School as Top 3.

FILIPINO TRIPLETS- Hailing all the way from the province of Isabela, the 16-year old Pascua triplets hope to prove that the ideology that students from the capital region are more likely to excel than those from the province is a mere fallacy.

They believe that regional students can succeed in life as much as those from the NCR as they graduated from Junior High School as Top 3 of their class.

Therese, Florence and Joyce Pascua topped as first, second and third honors respectively in Naguilan National High School in Isabela.

filipino triplets
Photo lifted from ABS-CBN News

Based on a report in Philstar, the three admitted that they do compete intentionally, but they certainly do not harbor animosity against each other.

Therese revealed that they normally review by themselves at home due to the differing studying strategies, only seeking for help when the task is too difficult to be accomplished alone.

We have different strategies in studying. Di po kami magkakasama nagre-review… But if one of us needs help, we will still come to the rescue,”  Therese said.

Despite the tough competition that the three encountered, they still manage to inspire and encourage one another to reach their goals.

The triplets are headed to Manila in June to finish their Senior High School and College degree.

With regards to the career that the Filipino triplets are planning to pursue, Therese, Florence, and Joyce shared the same answer: they all want to become a lawyer, crediting their father Rodrigo Pascua, as their prominent inspiration.

Presently, their father is working as a judge in the Municipal Trial Court in Ramon, San Isidro, also in the province of Isabela and is able to provide a contented life for his family.


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