LOOK: Celebrities Who Used To Be Fat But Now They’re Fitspirations


These are some of the celebrities who are fat before but now they are considered to be fitspirations

There are celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry who had become fitspirations to their fans because of their ideal figure.

Some of the stars even came from a period of their lives when they can be considered as overweight.

On the other hand, they managed to achieve their desired shape and are now tagged as fitspirations.

Erwan Heussaff

(Photo source: @erwan IG)

He was indeed the “fat kid inside”. Erwan got concerned of his overweight condition before.

(Photo source: PEP)

His weight reached up to 250 pounds before he decided to sweat it off.

Georgina Wilson

(Photo source: @ilovegeorgina IG)

Everyone has seen this “It Girl” with all the beauty and glamour she possesses now. Before becoming as one of the most in-demand models, Georgina was fat when she was growing up.

(Photo source: @ilovegeorgina IG)

“There is no shortcut, eat healthy food, and work out a lot,” she said about getting fitter.

Iza Calzado

(Photo source: @missizacalzado IG)

She may look va-va-voom in this bikini photo taken just this summer but Iza also had a figure metamorphosis.

(Photo source: @missizacalzado IG)

Her weight reached up to 220 pounds which was the reason why she got bullied. During her teenage years, she decided to eliminate her extra weight.

Raymond Gutierrez

(Photo source: @mond IG)

Raymond is now one of the male fitspirations in showbiz. With his determination to get fitter, he was able to attain his ideal weight.

(Photo source: Pinoy Exchange)

Before, it was easy to identify who is Richard and Raymond in the Gutierrez twins. However, now, it seems that there is no difference.

Rhian Ramos

(Photo source: @whianwamos IG)

The Kapuso actress admitted that the reason why she got fat was because she was still eating even though she is already full.

(Photo source: PEP)

Rhian decided to observe healthy diet when she reached the age of 13. Now, that decision years ago paid off.

Solenn Heussaff

(Photo source: @solenn IG)

Like her brother Erwan, Solenn was also a “fat kid inside” when she was younger. She shared that people used to call her “Free Willy” as comparison of her weight to a whale.

(Photo source: @solenn IG)

But look at her now, Solenn can be considered as one of the fitspirations.

(Source: KAMI)


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